As a manager, a good deal of your efforts will revolve around training your team. Not only do they have to be in top form, but their skill also has to be up to standards for their league. The most common way to improve your players’ skill is, of course, by training.

There are three forms of training: stretching, cardio and practice match. Each has its own skill percentage gain and condition cost. By doing any form of training, your players burn their condition, but in return get to advance towards earning a new skill point. How fast they gain skill points varies from player to player, but generally, younger players are faster learners.

When you have skill points to allocate, you can either just click “Auto Assign” in the training menu and the game will automatically allocate skill points in your respective players’ attributes. However, if you click a player who has skill points to spend, you will be able to manually invest skill points into various attributes.

First, you’ll notice that you can invest in Defense, Attack and Physical & Mental. Each category is pretty self-explanatory, but you also have a nice breakdown of individual skills, how good the player is in each and the average score per category. This average score is important to keep in mind, since the maximum difference between any two skills is 20. So, if your player has a Defense of 50 and Attack of 30, you won’t be able to improve your Defense until your Attack is at least 30.2.

Aside from improving attributes, you can also spend skill points to teach a player a new role by clicking the “+” icon next to the “Roles:” entry. These determine which positions your player can effectively use and cost 50 skill points each. You can also teach your player a Special Ability for either 50 or 40 skill points, depending on the ability. We’ve already written about Special Abilities, so make sure to check it out if you haven’t so far.

Training carries its share of risks, so be careful. Pushing your team too hard by setting team intensity high will help them earn skill points faster, but the tradeoff is a higher chance of getting injured. Also remember that your players will have a worse performance if they play a match tired, so don’t train close to the start of a match unless you have the Rest Health Packs to make up for it.

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