Every manager needs a boost now and then to help them with their team. While there are many ways to earn tokens and many stadium facilities that give you Health Packs, sometimes you may need more.

In-game videos are one way for you to earn free items. By watching videos from one of our partners, you’ll earn a Health Pack, some cash (amount scales with level) and sometimes even tokens! It’s simple: at the bottom of the game screen on Facebook, you’ll see various buttons that tell you what you can earn. When you click a button and watch a clip, you’ll earn a Health Pack, or some cash, depending on what you’ve clicked.

The game will remind you that you can watch videos to earn an item you’re low on. So, for example, if you have no Rests, the game will let you know that you can earn some by watching a video clip. If you want to earn tokens, just jump into the game directly from our Top Eleven website.

If you’re using the mobile version of Top Eleven, you just need to click one of the items at the bottom of your screen. By clicking the token icon, you’ll be taken to a screen that allows you to complete one of many offers to earn free tokens. How many you can earn depends on the number of offers available. As for cash and Health Packs, you can earn only a certain number of them per day, but the amount is shared across all of these items. So, if you use your daily free video to earn a Treatment, you won’t be able to earn a Morale Booster, Rest or cash by watching the same video again.

Please note that video offers vary depending on region and partner campaign.

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