The premium currency of Top Eleven are called “Tokens”. They represent your influence as a manager in the world of Football. As such, they have many uses in-game to help you get a slight edge or give you a speed boost when necessary. Since Tokens are a core part of the gameplay, we do our best to make them easy to earn in-game.

The most straightforward method of earning Tokens is with TV Rights. When you start out, you’ll only have access to the first two TV sponsorships: one gives you a free token every day, while the other gives you a free token every day you login, with an extra token if you play the game four days in a row! The other two options are available at a later level and offer new methods of earning tokens: one lets you earn tokens based on your team’s League victories, while the other gives you a smaller amount of tokens, but all at once.

Depending on your playstyle and current situation, you might find some TV Rights more useful than others. You might not log into Top Eleven every day, so the “one token every day” option might work best for you, or you need a few more tokens right now, so you’ll go with the fourth option that gives you three tokens at once to use for the next four days. In case you haven’t signed a media contract, the game will remind you about that, or you can go into the “Finances” section from the main menu and select “TV Rights”.

Another way to earn tokens in Top Eleven is by using the Referral system. By inviting players to start playing Top Eleven, you’ll earn tokens whenever they perform certain tasks (like winning a certain number of matches). You can also earn tokens by selling your players to other managers. Both of these methods are explained in detail in this article.

You can also earn tokens by performing out-of-game activities, like watching videos from our partners, or by taking part in other surveys or tasks from our partners. In addition to this, we have frequent giveaways and contests for tokens on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the Top Eleven forums, so make sure to keep up to date with all of them and have a shot at winning some Tokens!

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