When over 12 million managers are playing your game, it’s impossible to have everything work smoothly for everyone. That’s where Nordeus Support comes in: whenever a player has a problem, our team is here to help. And while we do our best to find a solution for each problem, there are ways you can “help us help you” and make sure you get a quick and useful reply.

When submitting a ticket, the more information you supply, the better. Please tell us your problem in detail. For example, don’t just say “My player wasn’t healed”, but rather “My player wasn’t healed when I used my Treatment yesterday at around 2PM. I still lost the used Treatment.”

If you’re unsure whether you missed anything, just ask yourself the following:

  • What was I doing in-game when the problem happened?
  • When did the problem happen?
  • What were the consequences of the problem?

Giving us more information means we’ll have more to go on, and we won’t have to follow-up with you asking for all these details. And this also means your problem will be solved much faster. Don’t forget to supply your Network ID as well, because without it, we can’t help you. You can find this ID number in the Help section of any version of Top Eleven.

Support investigates and follows up on every ticket, but these replies can’t always be instant. We often have plenty of tickets to go through. We don’t work on weekends, so if you send a ticket on Friday, it might easily take until Monday before we manage to respond. The start of a new season can also make responses slower, but you’ll never have to wait more than 2 workdays. This is another reason why detailed tickets are vital, because no-one likes waiting a whole day only to be greeted with a follow-up question that could have been avoided.

When your ticket receives a response, you will be notified via email about it, so you don’t need to check the Support site every time. Make sure that the email doesn’t end up in your spam folder by accident. And in case you haven’t received a notification after you expected it, log into the site just in case and check the notifications there.

After the ticket has been closed (either by Support or manually by you if the problem has been fixed in the meantime), you can rate the service you received. This is also a good opportunity to let us know if something was wrong, so we can make sure to improve our service.

Remember that you can always refer to our “Knowledge Base” and search for immediate answers for known issues, without having to wait for a ticket response. In addition to English, our Support Team handles 13 more languages, with more on the way. So if your English isn’t as good, you can get support in your local language.

If you would like to learn more about the rules of the game, you can check out our Official Top Eleven Wiki page.

Additionally, you can receive Twitter Support on our Top Eleven Help channel. Every weekday, from 8AM to 2PM GMT, our staff will be there to respond to any quick questions and issues you may have. Nordeus Support and Top Eleven Help are the only two channels where you can receive support, so remember that contacting us via Facebook, or other email channels will only lead us to redirecting you.

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