Special abilities represent specializations of your players. Unlike roles, which show which position on the pitch your player is most effective on, special abilities are a form of expertise that only activate under certain conditions. By teaching them to your players, they will have a slight edge in certain situations.

Teaching a player a special ability is simple. By entering the Training screen and clicking on a player without a special ability, you will be able to choose to teach him one. The kind of ability a player can learn depends on his known roles. Certain abilities are only available to certain roles on the pitch, while the cost of learning a special ability varies between 40 and 50 skill points.

Luckily, you don’t need to spend all points at once! When a player begins his special training, you can decide to spend skill points on any other aspect in the meantime. This might be a good decision if you’d like to teach your player a Special Ability, but also want to increase their other stats, so you can manage how you distribute skill points.

There are eleven special abilities total, ranging from dribbling to free kicks and even “penalty kick stopper” for goalkeepers. Whenever a specialized player has the opportunity to use his ability, he’ll perform exceedingly well thanks to his focused training. A player with an activated special ability will perform as though he were of higher quality for as long as this ability is active.

Special abilities are a good way to additionally personalize and further customize your team. Make sure to pay attention to such players on the auction list, because that means they’re worth 40 or 50 skill points more!

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