The Club Shop is a useful stop for anyone who needs an in-game boost or a new look for their team. We don’t just limit ourselves to Official Items, but rather, offer a magnitude of different items.

One of the most common options you’ll likely use is sending and receiving gifts from your friends. This isn’t just limited to Health Packs, but also includes skill points. You can receive one of each gift every day, but you can gift them back to any number of friends.

Tokens you earn can also be used in the Club Shop for in-game items. This includes bundles of five, ten, twenty-five and fifty Health Packs of the same type. You can also use tokens to obtain a Bank Investment, which will give you a certain amount of cash, depending on how many tokens you’ve spent.

The Club Shop is also where you’ll be able to customize your team’s jersey and emblem. There are two options here: you can either create your own jersey or emblem, or you can buy pre-made ones. Creating your own design doesn’t give you access to all patterns, but it is generally cheaper than other pre-made items and it gives you the freedom to mix and match with the colors you like.

Pre-made jerseys and emblems come in various forms. Premium items come in patterns, designs and colors that are unique to them and cannot be found anywhere else. They also stand out much more and are easily recognizable, helping you show off your manager status. Other designs vary in price, but you can usually find them available now and then in different colors. These items rotate in the Club Shop and are available for a limited time, but may later return with another color pallette. Some of these designs are even from our own community!

Whenever you buy a new jersey and emblem, the old one ends up in the Storage tab of the Club Shop, letting you use it later again if you want, or letting you gift it to one of your friends.

As you’ve noticed, we regularly update the Club Shop with new Official Items from real-life football clubs. We’d love to include as many clubs as possible, so if you have a particular wish, let us know on our forums or our official Twitter page. Remember that we can’t do anything without a club’s consent, so make sure to email your favorite club and tell them you want them featured in Top Eleven!

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