The Club Shop is a useful stop for anyone who needs an in-game boost or a new look for their team. We don’t just limit ourselves to Official Items, but rather, offer a magnitude of different items. One of the most common options you’ll likely use is sending and receiving gifts from your friends. This […]

Feb 21 2014

Starting today, Top Eleven managers will be able to purchase new Official Items from the in-game Club Shop. Each set of items from the new clubs we’re introducing comes with a purchasable logo, home and away jersey, while those marked with an “*” also come with a third variant of their jersey design. The newly-introduced […]

Aug 29 2013

The three winning jerseys from our Design a Jersey Competition are now available in the Club Shop! Each comes in two variants: original and alternative colors. These jerseys will only be available for purchase this week, so don’t miss out on your chance to get them! Next week, and each following week, we’ll be releasing […]

Feb 05 2013

We have opened the Club Shop  – you can find almost anything here that your club needs: Jerseys, Emblems, Health Packs. You can also design emblems and jersey. Combine different colours, patterns, shapes and symbols to create the unique  kit for your club. Keep your eye out on our Sales and Discounts! Visit it now!

Mar 08 2012