Top Eleven’s Health packs serve to give players a small boost, raising their overall efficiency in your team. There are three types of Health packs in total: Treatments (red), Morale boosters (blue) and Rests (green). These packs represent your club’s capability to heal its players, both physically and mentally.

Morale boosters are used to increase a player’s morale by one step, while using two at once completely restores it. A higher morale means the player is more likely to give it his all in a game, so the best time to use your morale boosters is before a match.

You can do this by entering the Squad menu, clicking on a player name and then entering the “Health” tab. For an easier overview of your team’s morale condition, use “Selection view” in the Squad menu. By watching a live match, you will gain one morale booster, plus an additional one if you’ve dominated your opponent. However, you can also lose them if you lose matches.

Rests are used to improve the physical condition of your players. The higher this is, the better overall player performance will be. Training will lower your players’ condition, so if you’re pushing your team hard, it could be a good idea to use Rests to help them before a match. You can earn Rests by constructing training objects which will generate a regular flow of them, or by performing a substitution during a live match you are watching.

A new feature we have included is “Rest All”, which allows managers to speed up the resting of their players. Rest All allows all non-injured signed players to instantly recover 5% of their condition (the same amount regular resting gives them every 3 hours). Injured and unsigned players regain no condition, while those who would gain over 99% condition gain up to 99% instead. The number of Rest Health Packs spent to activate “Rest All” depends on the number of players that would be affected. The current number of required Rests is (number of affected players)/3. So, if 9 players would be affected, you need to spend 3 Rest Health Packs.

Treatments are there to speed up player recovery when they are injured. Injuries can happen either during training or matches, and while low morale and a low physical condition will impair your player, an injury completely stops them from playing, making Treatments of vital importance. By using five Treatments, you will speed up a player’s recovery by one day, nine boosters for two days, twelve for three, fourteen for four and fifteen for a complete recovery. You can generate Treatments by constructing medical facilities, or if your team doesn’t get any yellow or red cards during a live match
you are watching.

In addition to all of this, you can earn any type of Health pack by receiving them as gifts from your friends, or by purchasing them in the Club Shop. Knowing when and how to use your Health packs is an important aspect of Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager, so we hope this information will help you improve your game and bring you one step closer to being a professional Top Eleven manager!

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