One of the most important aspects of Top Eleven is the Auctions feature. Here, you can bid against other managers and buy players that are up for sale, making sure your team is of top quality. The Auctions screen is located in the “Transfers” menu. Here you’ll find many ways to help you easily find the exact type of player you need.

First off, you can search players by quality, from three to five stars (remember that star quality is relative to your level). Then, you can search players that play a certain position (like “striker” or “central defender”). Looking for a few different positions? No problem! You can toggle as many of them at once as you like. Of course, you can also filter players based on their age, as well as only search for players with special abilities. After you’ve set your parameters, you can also sort the list of players displayed by name, age, nationality, quality, value and time left until the initial round is over (“deadline”).

The actual bidding is quite straightforward. Anyone who places a bid before the deadline ends is qualified for the first knockout round. This round lasts one minute. If you qualify for it, you move on to the next round which lasts 30 seconds. And after that, every subsequent round lasts 20 seconds.

What’s important to know is that the auction doesn’t end until there is only one person left who has placed a bid. This means that if you place your bid at the start of the round, you automatically qualify for the next round. If you’re in the lead at the end of the round, you automatically start in the next round also in the lead, but not qualified. In this scenario, if nobody else places a bid in that round, you win. However, if someone does place a bid, you don’t qualify for that round and must place your own if you want to move forward.

A rival manager can take advantage of this and place his bid in the last second, knocking you out at the last moment without giving you the chance to react. That’s why we suggest always bidding at the start of the round. Aside from sneaky managers, connection issues or lag may cause you to miss your opportunity if you wait for the last second. Also, when bidding for the initial round a long time before it’s over (for example, 20 minutes), make sure to reload your page one or two minutes before the timer runs out, to make sure your auction page loads correctly.

There are a few more tricks to using the Auction system, but a big part of being a Top Eleven Football Manager is also discovering optimal strategies yourself. Why not tell us what your auction tactics are on our forums?

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