Much like how Lionel Messi’s dribbling or Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty kicks are the stuff of legend, Top Eleven lets you achieve this kind of specialization with its Special Abilities system. By teaching your players a Special Ability, they become more effective when they are able to use it.

How this works is quite simple: when you enter the Squad menu in the game, click on a player without a Special Ability and click the blue “+” icon where it says “No Special Ability”. You will be given a choice of various specializations, which depend on your player’s role. After you have selected one, the player will start “learning” the ability. To master an ability and be able to use it, you’ll need to invest 50 or 40 skill points in the Special Ability alone.

However, you don’t need to spend all points at once, nor do you need to spend all your skill points exclusively on learning a Special Ability when a player begins his special training. You can decide to spend points on any other aspect in the meantime. This might be a good decision if you’d like to teach your player a Special Ability, but also want to increase their other stats, so you can manage skill point allocation without neglecting any aspect of your player’s training.

There are eleven Special Abilities total, ranging from dribbling to free kicks and even “penalty kick stopper” for goalkeepers. Whenever a specialized player has the opportunity to use his ability, he’ll perform exceedingly well thanks to his focused training.

If you like personalizing your team not just with jerseys or formations, but also building a team recognizable by their skills, Special Abilities add another layer of customization. How and whether you use them is another key decision you’ll make on your road to becoming a Professional Top Eleven Football Manager.

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