The end of every season in Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager is marked with a trophy. The better you are, the grander the prize. While the experience you and your players gain is also valuable, having your trophy case remind you that you’re the best is also a sight to behold.

The way trophies in Top Eleven work is simple: by clicking on the Awards icon in the menu bar, you’ll be greeted with three new tabs. The first one, “Trophies”, will list the trophies you’ve won since you’ve started your career as a Top Eleven Football Manager. By clicking them, you will get a message detailing which season the respective trophy belongs to.

The next tab, “History”, gives you a more detailed overview. The tab contains three columns: one for League, Cup and Champions League. By cycling through the trophies, you will get details similar to the “Trophies” tab. What sets it apart is that it offers an easier overview of your stats, rather than showcasing a gallery. This can help you compare your performance by level, giving you an idea on how your team has been doing as it faced harder opponents.

Finally, the “Flags” tab gives you a unique piece of information. Whenever you play a guest match, you get the flag of your opponent’s country. With over 6 million players worldwide, you’ll be surprised how many entries this section can have. From Uzbekistan to Brazil, this section is a globetrotter’s dream come true.

How many trophies and how many flags do you have? Maybe you settle for nothing less than 1st Place, or maybe you’re still waiting to achieve glory? Whichever it is, you should always be at your best if you want to become a Professional Top Eleven Football Manager!

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