The answers for our first “Ask the Devs” are here. The submitted questions are in bold, while the answers from Nordeus developers are in italics.

Question: Is it possible to show a number with the probability to win a match?

Answer: There are many factors and events that occur during the actual match, like substitutions, supporters arriving or leaving, or formation changes, that make it impossible to show the probability of the victory or loss.

Can anyone enter the localization team? I would like to correct some mistakes in my language.

Feel free to contact Nordeus Support if you’d like to make any corrections in your own language.

Why do players’ star ratings decrease at the start of each season?

We actually have an article explaining this in detail.

Why can’t I delete my account and begin from newbie?

This has been discussed for a while now and we have something in the works.

Why do we have to pay tokens just to change our squad numbers?

We’ve recently lowered the cost from 3 to 1 token, which lets you change the name, nationality and squad number of your team at once.

Why does my level 6 team meet level 7 at Champions?

Champions pairs up the best teams of the same strength, so this means you’re team is actually good enough to stand head to head with higher levels in Champions. This also means that rewards are higher than usual for each such match.

Add stadium activity please! Especially parking.

Thanks for the suggestion. Speaking of stadium activity, we actually have the Ground update from the mobile version due for the desktop version very soon!

What stats should I focus on for my goalkeeper?

Defensive abilities are the most important for your GK. But don’t forget to train his physical and mental skills. Attacking skills are not as important.

Can I support my friend team in matches on Android?

If all goes well, you should see it next week!

I reach the playoff stage in Cup and I meet my pals who are 5 levels higher than me every season! There is no chance for me to win

The Cup is primarily meant to pair up friends to play together. However, we’re working on making sure such large level differences don’t happen in the future.

Can the developers release a clear explanation of all aspects of formations and tactics?

There is no “best” strategy you should play. Your team’s strategy should suit your team, the ability of your players, your next opponent and many other factors. An important part of the game is discovering and understanding which tactics and formations are best suited for each opponent you face, and for this reason we leave it to managers to figure them out by themselves.

Can we have wing positions, would be ahead of AMR and AML to each side of the strikers?

There are multiple ways to define roles in football, and the current one is the one we chose. AMR and AML with arrows set to forward would be the wing positions you are asking for.

I would like to know if there is a possibility to divide the capacity of the stadium to partially business seats, where you can earn a bit more, but have a little less capacity for example?

It’s not possible at the moment, but it’s an interesting idea. We’ll keep it in mind.

I would like to have more choice in younger players. I have updated my youth academy, but I get around 4 to six players a season out of the academy. Is it for example possible to make a choice list, of around 10 every season, or just have a youth squad and choose yourself, of course a maximum amount of players and the decide as well the tactics and style of the squad?

Updating the youth academy is something we are currently discussing.

I’d like to know why it is an illegal formation to have only 2 defenders. I want to play the old style formation of: Left and Right back, Left, Centre & Right half-backs, Inside Right & Left, and Left & Right Wing supporting Centre Forward. Virtually all teams used to play this way until the 1970’s. Why should I be at a disadvantage because I like this formation.   

You can either have DL and DR or centre DC to move forward (by using arrows), and let them organize the game as such. It’s very uncommon for wings now to organize matches, so it is usually done by DMC.

One major improvement to the game IMO would be to have the active formations fixed to your squad players, so that not just the formation is saved but the players and orders for the formation including auto subs. Step 1, select formation, Step 2, place players, Step 3, orders and auto subs. Step 4, select match formation game 1 or 2. In action it would mean one click and everything on the game board changes to your desired formation.

The reasons I suggest the above:

1. When games are scheduled 15min apart, on occasions the game engine does not give you the squad board back quick enough to make the necessary changes, I have already had this happen once this season and once last season out of two match schedules, in both cases when I eventually got control of the squad the timer was showing, maybe a backup or a server problem, either way I was unable to make changes and I know that others have had similar problems.

2. Not all gamers can make every match, giving an option to select formation ‘A’ for game one and ‘B’ for game two or ‘C’ ‘D’ would make life a lot easier, it should also eliminate the above problem with the timer.

We’ve been aware of these issues and we’re looking into possible solutions.

Why do the GK have the same Stats as a field player? They should have Clean sheet record, goals allowed, penalty saved – not goals scored, goals assists.

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll fix this.

How many “Active” players are on Top Eleven?

You can follow stats about the game’s activity in Facebook’s App Center. This month, we had 8.4 million active players.

Is it possible to exchange the teams from different servers (to exchange “My team” for another “Inactive player” on different server)?

Sadly, no.

When will managers be able to stop unwanted friendlies and the only way a friendly can go ahead is if both managers agree?    

We’re trying to figure out a solution for the unwanted friendlies issue, but we don’t think that waiting for approval to be able to play a friendly is an appropriate one.

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