The stadium is your base of operations, letting you build and upgrade various structures that will help you improve your team. With our latest Ground update for iOS (coming very soon to Android as well!) you can now build structures not just on the desktop version of Top Eleven, but the mobile version as well. This article is here to help you get a hang of some of the changes.

By clicking the Stadium icon in the menu, you will enter Ground View, which lets you see your built facilities. To select a building and see how you can upgrade it, just tap on it. To zoom in during ground view, pinch in, or to zoom out, just pinch out. If you would like a clear overview of all your facilities, just pull the arrow image in the upper right corner, or click on it.

By selecting your Stadium on the map, you’ll open the Stadium slide. This will list all the parts of the stadium that you have built, like sprinkles, grass or lighting. By clicking one of them, you’ll see the slide for that specific part of the stadium. You can also change the name of your stadium by clicking the blue button in the Stadium slide.

The Bulldozer icon indicates that a building can be upgraded, while the speed up indicator shows which building is currently being constructed.

Each facility helps you in different ways. Medical care will generate Treatments on a daily basis, while building a parking will increase the number of fans that will attend your match (and thus increase revenue per match). As building each facility takes time, planning your building order will affect your performance, so consider it carefully.

There’s quite a bit more to discuss about the whole aspect of stadium building in Top Eleven, but we’ll save that for another time. For now, you can download Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager and enjoy the Ground update on the AppStore, while the Android version of the update is soon to follow!

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