Dear managers, This week we decided to dedicate an article to the Champions League competition in Top Eleven. Each season we receive a lot of requests from managers who question us about the ranking system of the Champions League competition. So what are the Tie Breaking criterias of the Champions League in Top Eleven ? […]

Jul 11 2014

Dear managers, As you all know, year 2014 will leave a big mark in football history! But before the World Cup begins, we would like to invite all football lovers to celebrate one of the greatest events of the year – the Champions League Finals.Tomorrow, in Estádio da Luz in Lisbon, two teams from the […]

May 23 2014

The main objective of Top Eleven is to reach the top of your league and bring home the trophy. There are three types of competitions, each with their own ruleset: League, Champions League and Cup. All players qualify for the League, regardless of level or ranking. Each League is made up of 14 teams, which […]

Nov 15 2013