The main objective of Top Eleven is to reach the top of your league and bring home the trophy. There are three types of competitions, each with their own ruleset: League, Champions League and Cup.

All players qualify for the League, regardless of level or ranking. Each League is made up of 14 teams, which take part in the competition for the next 28 days. Every day of the season, a League match is played, except for the first 2 days which are considered the pre-season period. This is also a great opportunity for some practice matches and improving your team for the upcoming challenges.

Players who end the League in 7th place or better gain a manager level and move up into a higher-quality League. Those who reach the top 4 also qualify for the Champions League for the upcoming season.

The Champions League is a prestige competition with slightly different rules than the League. At the start of the season, 8 groups of 4 teams are formed. The top 2 teams of each group advance further to the knockout stage. Here, teams facing each other will play a home and an away game. The winning team advances further, while the losing team gets knocked out of the competition. The last remaining team, of course, wins the trophy. Champions League matches are played every second day and rewards are awarded after each match. There is a Champions League for every level, except for level 1, and you will only encounter teams of the same (or very similar) level.

The Cup is a knockout tournament comprised of 128 teams of different levels, but overall similar team quality. Each tie, except in the final game, is played as a double leg, with the away-goal rule, extra time and penalties if a tie is drawn. The Cup is made up of 7 rounds – three qualification rounds, followed by four more: top 16, quarter finals, semi-finals, and the finals. A total of 13 games if you go all the way! All managers playing Top Eleven are automatically eligible to join the Cup at the Preliminary round.

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