Another eventful season is behind us, and a new chance to lead your club to glory lies ahead! It’s one thing to win, but to do so in style is something else! Customise the look of your squad with special items featured in the game, from this season’s Special Sponsor to an exclusive gift we have prepared for […]

Mar 27 2023

This Top Eleven season brings a new layer of depth to the management experience for our global community thanks to a brand new feature – the Season in Review report. At the beginning of each new campaign, you’ll be able to get a comprehensive summary of your club’s performance in the season prior – from […]

Jan 29 2023

Get ready to prove yourself on the international stage in Penalty Clash! The battle to be world’s best has begun, Top Eleven Managers! Are you ready to climb the leaderboards and shoot for the top? The global stage awaits! Pick a country to represent, step up to the spot and hit the perfect shot in […]

Nov 17 2022

Welcome to Top Eleven 2023! The action continues! Top Eleven 2023 is arriving in style, Managers – a season-long celebration! From 3D updates to a new feature, events to giveaways, we’re looking forward to ringing in this occasion for what will be a special season. Keep your squad in top form and an eye on all […]

Aug 15 2022

Top Eleven’s 12th Birthday is here! We are marking a special day – Top Eleven’s 12th anniversary! Each year on the Top Eleven touchline has been incredible thanks to the endless support and dedication of our community of Managers around the world. We couldn’t have done it without you! For this birthday season, we’ll have many […]

May 09 2022