Hi Managers, Top Eleven 2019 has arrived! This latest update is made up entirely of suggestions from our global community of Managers! Thanks for the feedback, and please do keep it coming! Read on for more details about what’s included in Top Eleven 2019! On top of new loading screens and music, there are tons […]

Jan 22 2019

Big news Managers! The Goliath Group has created some of the most powerful clubs in the Top Eleven world and they have decided to challenge your Association! Time to join forces and show them who’s boss – the Conquer Together Challenge is LIVE! Team up to defeat huge Goliath Group clubs. Every member contributes by […]

Oct 19 2018

Time for your National Team to get back on the field! While we prepare the next competition for your International squad, you can explore a brand-new Top Eleven Album feature! Defeat other National Teams to unlock country stickers, complete album pages and earn tokens! New opponents rated easy, medium and hard will be available every […]

Sep 05 2018

We heard your feedback Managers – more real clubs are waiting for you! The Season Openings part II Challenge is live! Play against other Managers to climb up the levels and earn your chance to face some of Europe’s top clubs. Unlock all the rewards and prove your skills on the big stage! Do you […]

Aug 24 2018

Can your team score against Cech and stop Neymar? Time to take the field against the biggest clubs and players in Europe! Top Eleven brings the brand new Season Openings Event! The challenge consists of 5 levels and each level has a different number of rounds. Earn your right to face the European giant at […]

Aug 14 2018