Now’s the time to prove you can earn the title of #1 in the Top Eleven universe in the all-new competition – Ranked Championship!

Ranked Championship is a global competition where all Top Eleven Managers compete for the top spot on the global leaderboard and amazing rewards.

Make sure to download the latest version of Top Eleven from your Store to participate in the Ranked Championship this season.

Divisions & Progression

Ranked Championship consists of 10 divisions. By picking up wins against other clubs, you can climb the ladder and earn great rewards along the way.
Each victory moves you one step closer to the next division, while each defeat moves you one step back. Gold-coloured steps are safe steps that allow you to secure your position. Once you reach these checkpoints, your position will be secured and you won’t be moved a step back after losing a match. After winning on all steps within a division, you’ll be promoted to a higher one.

Matches & Energy

Matches in Ranked Championships are played in Rapid Mode and on-demand, meaning you can begin one at any time on an async basis.
To start a match in the Ranked Championship, you need Energy. Playing a match drains 1 Energy, which refills over time up to a capacity of 10. Make sure to come back regularly and challenge other Managers from your Division to rank up in the competition!
If the result of a match in regular time is a draw, extra time will be held. If the winner is not decided in extra time, penalty shootouts will be held.

All-Star Leaderboard

The All-Star division is the final one where the best Managers can battle it out for the top stop on the Global Leaderboard! The Global Leaderboard ranks the best ranked Managers based on their success in the competition and collected Rank Points. The starting Rank Points are based on your success in the previous divisions. Managers gain or lose Rank Points based on match results and opponent ranking.


Certain steps within each division contain Manager’s Cases which give great rewards. The higher the division, the better the rewards. On top of that, top clubs on the All-Star leaderboard will receive valuable rewards at the end of the competition.
That’s not all! Your current and final standing in the competition is represented by division badges and displayed across the game – from Club overview to Manager profile. Start climbing up and make your way to the top this season to earn amazing rewards, bragging rights and make history in the Ranked Championship!


The competition starts on 16th of June, 2024 at 1:00pm CEST, and lasts until 30th of June, 2024 at 08:00pm CEST. The post-event phase will last until the end of the season on 13th of July, so make sure to claim earned rewards in time and check out the final ranking on the All-Star leaderboard for season 185!

Good luck and have fun climbing up the divisions and leaderboard!


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