Dear managers.

This week, we are proud and happy to introduce the Top Eleven Achievements feature! Thanks to this new feature, you will be rewarded for each victory, challenge and effort you put into your team during your career as a manager. Unlock as many as you can and compare your talent, progress and dedication with your friends! You can also investigate your next opponent’s achievements wall to learn more about his playing style, strengths and weaknesses.

There are 7 great achievements for you to unlock!

Old School – this will unlock for your first anniversary of playing Top Eleven!

Top Dog and Goal Machine – unlock those through your winning and scoring abilities! A quick tip for you: you can also work your way to these achievements through friendlies! It’s time for you to challenge your friends and the best manager – Mourinho!

Gentleman – this one depends on your players’ behaviour on the pitch! Avoid receiving cards and play nice to unlock it!

Mogul – show your skills in buying and selling players from the transfer market, negotiations or scout list.

True fan – Show your support to your friends and fellow managers by cheering for them during their matches!

And finally, the biggest of them all:

Triple Crown – you “just” need to win all three competitions (League, Champions League and Cup) in one single season! Your achievement level will depend on the number of Triple Crowns you have won.

That’s not all: there are an extra 16 hidden achievements for you to unlock! Play and enjoy the game to discover them all!

The achievements are currently only available on PC (on Top and Facebook), but do not worry! We are planning on releasing this feature on mobile in the future so we can offer you the seamless gaming experience you deserve!

Happy unlocking!

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