Earlier this year, we added José Mourinho as a friend to all managers, with promise that there would be more interactions with the legendary football icon.

With today’s update, we’ve added such a new feature. Managers will now be able to challenge Mourinho to a friendly match and demonstrate their skills as a Top Eleven manager. Once per day, you can play a friendly with the face of Top Eleven and the match will work like any other friendly match versus your friends. You are able to earn Cash and Health Packs, but also risk injuries during the match.

To avoid spam, matches you play with Mourinho won’t be visible in the Fixtures menu of your friends. This also means they won’t be able to offer you support in a live match, but neither will anyone be able to support Mourinho. It’s just you and him, one on one!

In case you removed Mourinho from your Top Eleven friends since the last update, this update will add him back. Keep in mind that if you remove him again this time, he’s gone forever! So make sure you’re certain about your decision, because you’ll miss out on this and other features we have planned for him.

Let us know what you think of this new addition to the game. Contact us on Twitter, or post on our Facebook page and official forums!

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