As more managers started playing Top Eleven, we also gained more support on our official Facebook page, as well as our Twitter page. Keeping in touch with us on these channels doesn’t just show your support for Top Eleven, but also gives you various perks and updates, with chances to win prizes.

The primary role of these channels is to offer a source of information about the game and the game’s status. Aside from highlighting various features from the game you may have not yet discovered, or didn’t fully understand, you will also be informed whenever there are any technical issues. These pages will inform you of server status in case of game-wide problems, as well as when they will be resolved.

Our community team will also share some super secret previews of new features from time to time, giving you a hint of things to come before they’re released. We’ll also inform you of any special offers in the game, bundles and discounts.

Aside from information about the game, you’ll find various trivia and interesting tidbits from football history and current events. Sometimes we’ll even put this knowledge to the test and give you a chance to win various prizes! Our contests give you the chance to win various emblems and jerseys to use in the game. In addition to this, we have weekly “Guess the Ball” competitions on both Twitter and Facebook, where you can win tokens every week.

You can like us on Facebook here, and follow us on Twitter here. Remember that if you are having trouble with the game, you should always contact our Support Team to get assistance. If you need advice and ideas for tactics for Top Eleven, visit our forums, where our dedicated players will give you some excellent advice.

We’d like to use this opportunity to mention that we have another channel in the works! You can expect the official Top Eleven Wiki to be released sometime in the future, where we’ll supply an easy overview of various Top Eleven information and mechanics.

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