Dear managers,
As you already know, there are many ways that you can earn Tokens in the game. Today, we will focus on the referrals feature, or in other words, how to earn Tokens by inviting your friends to play Top Eleven.

So, what is a referral? A referral is a friend who joined Top Eleven thanks to your game invitation, and who help you earn Tokens as he progresses in the game.

How can my friends become my referrals? It’s easy! All you have to do is to invite your friends to play Top Eleven, either by clicking on the Invite Friends button on the referral screen, or by sending them a gift.

For your friends to become your referrals, they must accept your game invite by clicking on the notification within 7 days of receiving it (note that this only applies to notifications in the social network, on the Web version. Your friends will not become your referrals if they start playing after receiving a message via email, Twitter or SMS). The registration should be completed at once and in the same window where the invite was accepted.

How can I earn Tokens with my referrals? If you navigate to the Referrals tab on the Manager screen, you will see 8 referral tasks. All these tasks are related to usual activity, so neither you nor your friends will have to put in extra efforts to achieve them. You will receive Tokens every time that your referrals complete one of these tasks in the game.

You can have as many referrals as you want, which means that the more referrals you have, the faster you will receive your Tokens! So click here now to check how many referrals you have and to start inviting your friends!

To learn more about the feature, watch our latest YouTube tutorial!
Happy referring!

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