The next enhancement of our live match is on the way!

With each Top Eleven match update, we rely on data as well as community feedback to ensure the changes lead to desired improvements and enhance the football realism in live matches.

The upcoming update of our live match aims to further enhance the importance of individual players as well as the squad as a whole. Football is a team sport, and the performance of each player on the pitch matters. With this update we are refining live matches with the goal of aligning the player performance on the pitch better with expectations based on their individual strength. 

Additionally, the correlation between players’ performance in the match and their individual ratings should be improved to reflect their performance more accurately. 

The expected changes will go live on April 22, 2024, ahead of the League kick-off.

Don’t forget, match analysis is just as important as your preparation! Evaluate your squad’s performance after matches and work on your weak spots to improve your outlook for future fixtures. 

We wish you a lot of success in Season 183!

See you on the touchline ⚽