With the upcoming season that starts on March 24th, we will be releasing the first batch of technical improvements for matchmaking in official competitions, with the focus on the League and Cup. 

In the past period, we have been focused on improving a few substantial technical areas of our matchmaking systems, which will allow for better, more competitive and diverse pairings in official competitions. 

We are excited to share that we are releasing technical improvements for matchmaking in League and Cup competitions in Season 182, which kicks off on March 24th.

How does all of this translate into action? 

With these technical changes, we are expanding the matchmaking opportunities with the goal of bringing them to a more diverse and competitive level. This means that the matchups in Leagues and Cups will be refined in order to create a more competitive environment, while taking into account existing factors such as team strength, activity, history, and location amongst others.

Moreover, these changes will result in a decrease in the frequency of clubs of different Manager levels being grouped together in the same Leagues/Cups. This grouping however can still occur for Managers of adjacent levels and equal prospects of winning in order to ensure fair competition and opportunities for success among equally competitive clubs.

There’s more to be done! We will be monitoring these changes and Manager feedback in the upcoming seasons, as we continue to work on refining the matchmaking and translating this improved system to other aspects and competitions in Top Eleven.

So we’d love to hear from you! We value and appreciate all your feedback on the topic, as it helps us understand player experience better and inform future updates. If you’d like to share your thoughts on this and last season’s matchmaking, fill out the survey on the link below once the League draw is out on March 26th.


Thank you as ever for playing and being part of the Top Eleven community! 

We wish you a successful season, 

Top Eleven Team