Player transfers are a famous part of real-life football, often making news headlines and getting the world of football excited, upset and passionate.

In Top Eleven, we set out to give our players the opportunity to emulate this part of real-life in their everyday gameplay. While purchasing players was initially only possible with auctions and scout players, we later included direct transfers as well. They allow you to directly purchase any player from other managers. After you have reached level 4, go to the Transfers button in the menu bar, then choose the negotiations tab. A list with players put up for sale will appear.

Alternatively, you can select a team, either one you are playing against, or one from your friends list, and then select a player of theirs you like.

When you select a player, you will see the club he belongs to, as well as a detailed overview of the player’s statistics. You then click the “Make offer” button and offer money and tokens for the player you want. The owner will then have 24 hours to consider your offer. If they accept, the transaction is complete, but if they don’t accept it or someone outbids you, you don’t get the player (but you do get your tokens refunded). The manager who is selling the player will get the full amount of money and a percentage of the tokens offered in the transaction.

This is yet another way for managers to earn tokens and obtain players. If you’re looking for new players, or have any to sell, make sure to check out the Transfer Market thread on our Top Eleven forums.

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