Greetings, managers! Top Eleven has had over 40 seasons, and many of our players have been with us for quite a while. As the main goal of the game is to win the League, Cup and Champions League each season, we wanted to do something special with our trophies, since they are meant to showcase and stand as a testament to your skills as a manager.

The current season will reward players with a new set of trophies (pictured above). These will not replace your old trophies, though! If you have any of the old awards, they will still exist in your Trophy room. However, they will not be obtainable anymore in future seasons, as the new ones are replacing them.

The new trophies also aren’t here to stay. They will only be available for a few seasons, after which we’ll announce the next set. That means you only have a few seasons to win each design, so make sure you give your best!

Not sure how to check out your trophy collection? Just go into the Awards menu from the main screen of the game. You can also take a look at fellow managers’ trophy rooms in our Team Showcase forum.

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