Explore the new Training in Top Eleven that brings more depth, variety and control to your training sessions and preparation for matchdays!

From expanded drill types and training progression to new visualisations and information about your training sessions, this update marks a new era of Top Eleven Training. Let’s explore it!


Teamplay Form (previously known as Team Bonuses) represents your club’s cohesion and tactical readiness for matchdays, ensuring your players are ready to give their best on the pitch. This update introduces new visualisation to help you analyse and keep track of your Teamplay Bonuses. The Training section and Teamplay Form tab is where you can check your current Teamplay Form, which consists of 4 types: Attack, Defence, Possession and Condition.


This update of Top Eleven Training brings an expanded selection of drills – Possession Drills and the all-new Teamplay drills.

Regular Training Drills primarily allow you to increase player attributes, but also contribute to your Teamplay Form. Apart from the existing Attack, Defence and Physical & Mental Drill types, these drills now feature a fourth type for more control over your training output – Possession Drills. With the addition of new Training Drills, the maximum Training Level has been raised to 111! Collect training points from training sessions and unlock higher levels to earn new regular Training Drills or upgrade the existing ones.

On top of expanded regular Training Drills, this update introduces a new category of training drills – Teamplay Drills!


Unlike the rest of the drills, the new Teamplay Drills are special, consumable drills that don’t contribute to player attributes. Instead, they give you larger amounts of Teamplay Form and help you increase these bonuses faster and with less training sessions.

Teamplay Drills come in 3 tiers: Starter, Expert and Ultimate. Higher tiers give considerably more Teamplay, while the ultimate Teamplay Drills can also have unique effects. These drills can be acquired across different parts of the game, from the Shop to seasonal events.


Thanks to the Teamplay Drills, increasing Teamplay Form has never been easier! But that’s not all – the new Training unlocks a new layer of depth of the Teamplay Form progression!

Once your Teamplay Form reaches 10, any additional Teamplay Form gained from training sessions won’t go to waste. Instead, it will start filling up the Excel bar and count towards your Advancement points. Filling up the Excel bar earns you one Advancement point.
You can then use acquired Advancement points to raise the maximum of a desired Teamplay Form type by 2, up to 5 times. This way you get to expand the amount of Teamplay Form you can earn until the end of the season. Each of the 4 Teamplay Form Caps can be increased from 10 up to 20 during a season.

Additionally, with each season day you will earn a certain amount of Excel bar points depending on the Teamplay Form reached the previous day.

Make sure to use the Advancement points before the season ends, as they reset together with the Teamplay Form Caps.


While creating a training session, make sure to keep an eye on the info bar at the bottom. Here you can find vital information about the quality of your training session, from projected gains to Condition loss and Session Score.

Session Score is a new score that indicates how well a training session is designed. To get the most out of Player and Intensity Variety Bonuses, include players with corresponding roles in your training and use drills of varied intensities.

In order to gain Teamplay Form & Sharpness, at least 4 players need to participate in your training session.

That’s all Managers! Hit the training ground today and start preparing your squad for upcoming fixtures with the upgraded Training experience.

Thank you for playing and good luck in the new season!



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