The big update has arrived in a supercharged way! Top Eleven 2024 is OUT NOW! 

Download the latest 24.0 version from AppStore, Google Play, AppGallery, Microsoft Store or on Web Browser, and read on for a detailed overview of what it brings!

*Please note that the update may become available at different times on each platform. 

*The minimum requirements for playing Top Eleven and seeing 3D live match remain the same. 

This latest update comes complete with many community-requested features, bringing the Live Match experience to a new, supercharged level with dozens of all-new animations and actions, immersive visual improvements, additional camera controls, and more! 

Let’s dive right in!


Playstyles are gaining a new dimension in Top Eleven 2024! 

Playstyles shape the way players approach and play the game. In Top Eleven 2024, we are taking this a step further by deepening their style of play with the addition of all-new signature moves! With the latest update, each Playstyle will give a set of unique signature moves, making the way your players play more authentic and memorable.

For a clearer feedback on Playstyles impact in live matches, Playstyle icons will now be shown above players when in action, both in 2D and 3D matches.

From a Target Man putting the ball in the back of the net with a scissor kick to a Winger playing a rabona cross into the area, each Playstyle will bring the thrill of the match to life in a new way. These unique moves and style of play will give you more options to develop your dream squad and to your management style. Get your players with Playstyles into your team to see their unique skill sets in action!

Make sure the Playstyle is unlocked and the player in the right position on the pitch for the Playstyle to be active in live matches. 


Experience the thrill of football through newly added actions – from the match kick-off to throw-in highlights! 


This charged-up update adds a new layer of excitement and drama to those important matches throughout the season through – Night scenes!

Look for the night symbol on the weather icon in the Fixture section or on the Next Match banner on your Home screen for the information about whether a match is played in nighttime or daytime. Tap on the icon for details.

This is independent from the Home team’s local time and determined when matches are being scheduled in order to give Managers equal opportunities to experience matches in night scenes. Night scenes give authenticity to the match experience without having an impact on the way players perform. 


By popular demand within the community, we are introducing Referee and Assistant Referee in 3D matches on the Top Eleven 2024 touchline!


Watch those memorable moments on the pitch from different angles, thanks to the addition of new Cameras. In live matches, you will have the option to choose between 4 different camera angles and switch them in real-time to experience your matches in an all-new way! 

Available Camera angles are:

  1. Aerial 2D
  2. Balanced 
  3. Sideline (new)
  4. TV (new)

Note that the last selected Camera will be saved and applied to your next fixture as the default one.


We are taking the graphics to a new level in Top Eleven 2024 to bring the feel of the football pitch to your screens in an even more authentic way:

  1. Improved Crowd that adapts to each fixture to deliver more energy and atmosphere for your squad
  2. Improved Pitch Pattern texture for a more immersive and realistic feel on matchdays
  3. Improved look of players in 3D
  4. Smoother player reactions 
  5. Improved player shadows
  6. Stability optimisations


Make sure to turn the volume up – Top Eleven 2024 is landing with a new, supercharged soundtrack and sound effect additions


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*Top Eleven: Be A Football Manager required. One redemption per Manager ID. Offer expires: September 5th, at 12:00am (CEST). Terms apply.

Stay tuned to our channels for more gifts and surprises this Top Eleven 2024 launch season!

Be there on matchdays and experience your matches to the fullest from the managerial hot seat! Download the latest Top Eleven update and make your mark on the 2024 touchline.

Thank you Managers for your continued support and incredible dedication! We hope you enjoy the 3D novelties this update brings and we look forward to hearing your feedback. 

Top Eleven Team



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