Dear managers, today is Top Eleven’s 4th Birthday and you are all invited to celebrate this very special day!

Yesterday, we published a special birthday post on our official Facebook page. If the post collected 150 000 Likes in 24 hours, then 2 brand new jerseys would be unlocked in the game free for a limited time! We would have thought that this amount of likes would be a real tough number to reach, but guess what? The challenge was completed in just a couple of hours and this is all thanks to you! And to keep the fun going, we added a small update and we raised the bar to 500 000 likes to unlock a mystery gift! And you did it, 500K likes are reached proving that the Top Eleven Community is the best.

All the items are now in your Club Shop Storage waiting for you to collect them! But hurry, they will be available today from 3pm (GMT) to tomorrow 2am (GMT). After this time, the items will be available for purchase in the Club Shop only in 3 weeks time. If you have any question or concern, feel free to contact our Twitter Support and we will get back to you as quick as we can! Congratulation and enjoy the gifts!