Bring the style, Managers! Top Eleven 2022 is here!

Take your tactics to a new level with Playstyles! Develop players that can provide your squad with special sets of skills. Will you play with a Box-to-Box midfielder to energize your counterattacks? Or a Poacher who is always looking to grab a goal? It’s up to you in Top Eleven 2022!

With a variety of Defence, Midfield and Attack Playstyles available, you can supercharge your tactics for your next title run.

Consider the strategies you’ll be able to use to counter tactics of opposing Managers who play with No-Nonsense Defenders. Or how to beat a 3-5-2 formation that plays with strong Wingbacks. You’ll have to find and develop the players with Playstyles that fit your vision for how you’d like your squad to play! With more than 15 Playstyles to choose from, you’ll have options to explore as you look for your best Top Eleven formations.

Additionally, on top of Playstyles, Top Eleven 2022 comes complete with new visuals and loading screens for some of your favourite features and events.

Be on the lookout during this special season for giveaways, challenges and more as we look ahead to another action-packed year of Top Eleven.

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Thanks for the amazing support!

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