Our forum members have been doing a great job helping fellow managers figure out the ins and outs of Top Eleven. One of the ways they’ve done this was by putting together guides and tutorials which break down the system, combine it with their experience and offer a way for managers to learn more about the game. Regardless whether you’re a new player or a veteran, you’ll likely find their forum guides useful.

July Fourth has written an excellent Unofficial F.A.Q. that will answer any common questions you may have.

From the same author comes an Unofficial Guide as well, detailing various aspects of the game and answering any questions you may have had left after the previous write-up.

When you’ve managed to take in all this knowledge, we suggest rounding it up with PricopGeorgeCatalin’s guide to being a successful manager.

Not sure how surveys and offers for free tokens work? Announcement will help you understand and get the most out of them.

Razz explains the illegal formations in this thread, so make sure you are prepared before your big matches.

And finally, July Fourth helps out again with his Table of Counter Formations.

Our non-English forums are also helping out and slowly coming up with translations or guides of their own. Do you have expertise to share? Do you want to say “thanks” to these great guides? Make sure you check the official Top Eleven forums then!