Ever wanted to make a fresh start in Top Eleven? We have the perfect solution for you!

This week, we will talk about the feature that allows you to take over a new club and to start a new career in the game – Top Eleven Job Center.

All the Clubs seeking managers available to you will be listed in the Manager screen. The teams that you can join are a minimum 2 levels lower than the highest level you ever achieved during your managerial career (unless you are level 1, in which case you would only be able to take over level 1 clubs). Feel free to compare them before choosing the one that suits you the best.

Once you have taken over a new club, you will receive a new stadium and new facilities, a new squad, a new cash budget, new fans and a new trophy room where you will see all the trophies your new team has previously won. You will even be able to rename your new team for free!

Your Token balance and all your boosters, logos and jerseys will be transferred from your old team to the new one, and you will also keep your manager level.
Once you have taken this new club over, you will not be able to go back to your old team. You will also have to wait 28 days to be able to pick a new team again, so make sure to choose your new club wisely!

Also note that this feature was only introduced in the game a few months ago and is currently only available on the web application.

Check the list of the clubs available to you now and start creating a new football legend!

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