One of the frequent complaints we get is about Top Eleven’s daily maintenance being too long and at awkward times for various managers around the globe. While it’s in late hours for European players, it’s not that easy to avoid for other timezones. That’s why we’ve put in an effort to remove it and improve access for all players.

While there still is a background maintenance of sorts, it won’t make the game unavailable for play. During the usual maintenance time (1AM until 2:15AM GMT; 8PM until 9:15PM EST), players will be able to play the game, manage their teams and take part in auctions as per usual. However, 30 minutes before the background maintenance and during it, there won’t be any matches.

If you are still logged in during this time, the game will ask you to reload the game when it performs background maintenance on your team. However, if you are currently in the middle of an auction, it will skip you and delay your maintenance for later. Be careful, though, because if it isn’t possible to delay any longer, the game could ask you to refresh despite being in an auction. We don’t expect this to happen unless you’re taking part in auctions that have reached the 100th or so round, but we still advise that you refrain from the risky transfers during this time.

Please let us know if you have any issues with the game after this latest update by contacting Nordeus Support. We hope you enjoy this update and it helps you enjoy Top Eleven even more.

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