One of the most prominent type of complaints we’ve received have been about players abusing Friendly matches. It took some time for us to address this issue, but now we’re in the process of implementing a solution we hope will improve the Top Eleven experience.

First off, we need to explain what the intent of Friendlies was and how it affected our players. Since teams sometimes play only one or two matches per day, and Top Eleven schedules its main Competition matches based on real-world time, it sometimes felt like there wasn’t much to do after you’ve planned out your next big match. Friendlies existed as a way to let managers log into the game and play with friends whenever they wanted, or to duke it out if you and your friend weren’t in the same League.

Sadly, as Friendlies burned condition and also had a chance to cause injuries, some managers abused this and scheduled Friendlies right before their opponents’ major matches. This lead to managers not being able to react on time to decline the match, and having their standing in the League, Cup or Champions League suffer because their team wasn’t at their best.

The solution we’ll be implementing will be two-fold. First off, Competition matches will need to be at least 3 hours apart. That means that if you, for example, have a League match, your next Cup or Champions League match will be at least 3 hours after it, giving you enough time to recover and prepare. This restriction also applies to Friendlies, meaning your friends won’t be able to schedule a Friendly match if your next Competition match is within the next 3 hours.

Another restriction we’re setting is that if you’ve had too many matches in a day, all Friendly requests you receive are automatically declined. If you have two Competition matches scheduled for the day, no one will be able to challenge you to a Friendly. If you have only one Competition match, you can be challenged to two Friendlies, and if there are no Competition matches that day, you can be challenged to play up to four Friendlies. After you’ve reached your quota for the day, you won’t be able to receive requests for additional Friendly matches that day, but you’ll be able to send them (under the condition that the person you’re sending the request to also satisfies this criteria).

We want these changes to offer a better environment for our players and not only improve their personal experience, but the quality of all competitions. It’s most fun when all teams are at their best. We hope to roll out this update in one month.

None of these changes are final, and they’re subject to change, but we think this will give you a clear idea of what we’re aiming to achieve. Let us know what you think on our official forums.

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