It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! It wasn’t easy, but we decided on 3 winners for the “Design an Emblem” competition. These managers won 50 tokens, a new forum title and will have their designs permanently featured as Premium Logos in the Club Shop. They will also, of course, receive their designs free of charge to use for their teams!

The winnners are:

  • sourcekv
  • Megamax
  • Batty


In addition to this, we’ve chosen plenty of honorable mentions again. These designs won’t be Premium Logos, but they will be available for a limited time in the Club Shop, with different designs being available each week (much like our current Design a Jersey winners). Of course, the authors of these emblems will get their designs free of charge when they are released.

The honorable mentions are:

  • Canario FC
  • el-trickser
  • Two designs from Promitheas
  • Agent Smith
  • matthix40
  • Two designs from Дедина препеченица
  • skyline1903
  • johnny token
  • cristi.b
  • Tirtodimedjo
  • Sourcekv
  • alfin wuhya
  • amithangel
  • shpend
  • MathiasB
  • Two designs from Bjack
  • CekaVS
  • yotamcohen
  • Hakera9812

We will start releasing these emblems in April, and when they are released in the Club Shop, we will send them to your account! So please be patient!

Want to get a better look at the winning entries? Check out our forum thread!

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