Top Eleven v. 5.1 – List of new features, improvements and fixed bugs

Asset to support release note on HEADER


Hi Managers,

On Nov. 18th we released Top Eleven version 5.1 on all platforms: iOS, Android and web-browser. We bring great news and improvements to our Managers and below you can find the full change-log:


- We’ve heard your feedback and the players from your Youth Academy (U-21) from now on will have a better quality and will cost less tokens.


- With this version we are improving the player experience by bringing a faster login to our Managers. Olé!

- We have improved the memory consumption of the game. Note that inn order to lower the impact on memory, we have removed the gift animation on Assistant Report screen on low-end devices.

- We have improved our notification system and now our Managers can expect notifications promptly in time for their matches.

- We have fixed the League Table overview that wasn’t fully displayed on some devices.

- In the Club Shop the font has been fixed and there are no longer weirdly split words.

- In the Manager screen we’ve added “country” instead of “nationality” in the Manager Details.

- We have assured that all Football Association emblems load correctly in all devices.

- We have fixed some connectivity issues that some Managers were facing when they sent thanks to their supporters after the Live Match.

- We have improved the balance of levels in Champions League and Super League competitions.


- We have fixed the quality percentage of players in their info screens.

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