2016 is coming to a close and on Oct. 16th we released Top Eleven 2017 (Top Eleven version 5.0) on all platforms: iOS, Android and web-browser. Below you can find the change-log:


– Top Eleven 2017 brings refreshed game assets and new in-game music. Check the new look and sound of your favorite football manager!

– Are you ready for the Super League? The first tournament starts right now!

– Cup has been reduced and now 64 clubs take place in this tournament. It’s half the number of clubs but twice the amount of fun in this competition!


– We have increased money prizes in League groups, and the increase is exponential: the better position you qualify, the higher % of increase you will get. From this season on the 1st place will get 50% more money at the end of the season, 2nd place will get 33% more money, 3rd place 10% more money and 4th place 5% more money.

– We have increased money prizes when a user wins any competition with knockout phases, making a real difference for the final winner who will get 75% more cash than currently.

– We have improved the Arabic fonts and when playing in this language the in-game Latin characters are now legible.

– The icon for “rules” in Association screen has a new layout.

– Now when you contact Support Team you can attach a screenshot to your query without experiencing crashes anymore. And the customer satisfaction survey is sent to you, it doesn’t block the previous messages anymore.


– In Association feature we have fixed the following:

– – the issue some Managers had when joining Association matches. We have assured that you can join these matches in all ways: through Home or Fixture menus or through Live Match tab (bouncing ball icon)

– – the problem with the Live Match animations of this championship that was happening in the end of the season. Now when you watch your Association matches the animation will run smoothly!

– – the Czech Republic flag is correctly displayed as an emblem.

– In Assistant Report we have fixed some text truncations in Finance section and fixed the issue the club info about the players you have bidded on.

– We have also fixed duplicated entries from the same auction in Assistant Report.

– We have assured that when you leave the Assistant Report the next match preview is correctly loaded on Home screen

– On Samsung devices with Android 6, we have fixed the pitch on Squad screen (basically the pitch was visible beyond the area in which it was supposed to be shown).

2016 has been a great year for Top Eleven and its global community of Managers! Your feedback continued to guide in-game improvements and the development of new features, resulting in an action-packed year of releases from start to finish. 2017 is just around the corner and we are looking forward to developing many features in close collaboration with our players.

Note: the minimum requirement to play Top Eleven 2017 is iOS 7 and Android 4.0.3.

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