Dear Top Eleven community,

We have a new and exciting project we would like to announce as part of this Summer’s World Cup. Top Eleven is going to end DIVING in football. Too many players cheat and dive in football. This Summer, we are going to try an end DIVING forever. To promote the campaign we are making a YouTube video which will feature YOU, the fans. To make the #NoDiving campaign a success we need your videos, your ideas, and your creativity. All you have to do is upload a short video on Youtube of less than 1 minute that you think would help end DIVING. Make sure that at the end of the video you and your friends say the words “No Diving”. This can be in English or in any language. The most original clips will be featured in a video that will be seen by football fans all over the world, so give it your best shot!

Submit a link to your Youtube video via email:

We can’t wait to see what you send us!

Read the Terms & Conditions before sending us your videos.


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