We talked about how tokens are a valuable asset for many things, including bidding for new players. However, cash is also an important resource in Top Eleven. While we won’t cover all the things cash is necessary for, we would like to explain how it interacts with auctions.

When you enter the Transfers menu, you will see that each player has a “Value” associated with him. This refers to his initial cash price, which may go up depending on how many bids happen during the auction. The game checks your cash balance before you place your bid in the initial round. If you don’t have enough resources, you can’t place a bid.

Because you only spend cash after the auction is over (unlike tokens, which you spend for every bid), you can place bids on multiple auctions, even if you can’t afford them all. For example: there are two players, Player A and Player B. Player A is $10 Million with 2 minutes left and Player B is $5 Million with 20 minutes left before the initial round is over. Your balance is $11 Million, so you can bid on both of them. After Player A’s auction is over and you’ve won him, you’ll be deducted his price from your balance (let’s say you did buy him for exactly $10 million). That means you have $1 million left, but since you’ve already placed the initial bid on Player B, you can take part in it normally. However, you won’t be able to place a bid in the meantime on any player worth more than $1 million. In the event that you win the auction for Player B as well, your balance will go in the red.

When this happens, you have one week to get out of the red and have a positive balance. If you fail to do this, your players will be automatically sold until you’ve repaid your debt, starting from the most valuable player. For the week to “reset”, you’ll need to have a positive balance at the end of the day. After that, if you ever end up owing money to the bank again, the timer will reset and you will have 7 days again. Keep in mind that while there is no limit to how much you can owe, the cap on how much money you can have is $2.14 Billion.

We hope this helps you understand the system better and that you won’t end up missing good deals because you weren’t sure whether you could afford it. It’s not fun going into the red, but sometimes it might be necessary to risk it for a few good players. Just remember to plan out whether you can pay it back before the week ends.

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