We explained various ways to earn tokens in Top Eleven before. Among the various methods shown, one that’s also a part of the core gameplay is signing TV Rights. While each one has a different amount of maximum tokens, some require more effort than others to get the most out of them. We’ll try and give you an overview of each offer and help you decide which works best for you in which situation. Please keep in mind that not all offers are available at first level, and you’ll have to advance a bit as a manager before you have access to all of them.

The “Stable Income” option awards you with one token every day, no matter what. Regardless of how well you are doing, or how often you log into the game, you will receive your TV Rights reward. Keep in mind that after the 10 days have expired, you’ll have to come back to renew the contract to continue getting tokens. This is a good deal if you aren’t going to have access to the game for a while due to a trip or vacation, or just don’t log in every day.

The “Extra for Dedication” option requires a bit more effort, but with greater payout. To get your daily token, you need to log into the game every day, otherwise you won’t receive it. However, what makes this deal appealing is that it will reward you an extra token if you log into the game four days in a row. If you miss a day, you need to start over. If you already play the game every day, this will likely be your best option.

Win Your tokens” awards you per League victory. You will always gain one token per League match victory. In addition to this, you will either get 4 tokens for winning the League, or 2 tokens for qualifying for the Champions League, or 1 token if you gain a level. This option is a good choice for the same kind of managers that sign the “Stable Income” deal, but who are also confident in their team’s abilities. Keep in mind that you can only sign this deal between Season Days 1 and 7.

Quick Buck” gives you the least tokens, but it gives them to you all at once. You should only resort to this one if you are slightly short on resources and need them fast. This deal only lasts 4 days, so after they’ve passed, you can sign it again, or sign a different TV Rights contract.

There’s no single “best” deal, so you should take into account your schedule, team, playstyle and decide on the contract that works best for you at that moment.

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