Last week, we talked about which structures you can build as part of your stadium. This week, we continue the discussion, but focus on buildings that are in addition to your stadium.

Medical facilities are primarily used to generate treatments. However, this isn’t their only use. In addition to generating treatments, they also speed up the recovery time of injured players. The higher the level, the faster your players recover.

Utilities are structures like toilets, restaurants and snack bars. They help you earn money per person attending, meaning your only source of income aren’t ticket sales. Parking lots are also important to increase revenue, since they increase attendance for every home game you play.

Training facilities generate Rests on a regular basis. The higher the level, the more Rests you get. Youth structures attract and train young and aspiring players, which you can later recruit for your own team. The higher the level, the faster new players are trained.

This concludes our overview on the structures you can build in Top Eleven and what they do. Deciding on an optimal build order depends on your style. Whether you’ll focus first on expanding the number of seats or supplying additional structures can make a difference. Especially when taking into account how long some facilities need to be constructed.

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