On June 16th we released Top Eleven version 5.8 on all platforms: iOS, Android and web-browser. This version brings great improvements to our Managers and below you can find the full change-log:


– Improved player selling experience for our Managers! Players are repeatedly placed on auction until they’re sold, but their Manager can cancel the auction at any time.

– Managers will be able to check the stats of players at auction.

– All finished auctions are now listed under a drop-down menu on the top of the auction list, so they don’t take vertical space from auctions that are in progress.


– We have fixed the desynchronisation between the global timer and the timer on a bidded-on auction, once Managers reconnect to the game.

– Assistant Report won’t suggest Ground upgrades anymore once a Manager has already developed their stadium units to the maximum.

– At the Home screen, we have fixed an issue with a few notifications that were marked as unread every time our Managers logged in.

– Fixed a bug in auctions that was giving an incorrect notification that the Manager won the player, although no tokens were deducted.

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