One question we hear often is about people being confused over the difference between Facebook and Top Eleven friends. While you can have both types of friends in-game, there’s a limit to your interaction with both.

A Facebook friend refers to any friend you have in Top Eleven who you have received by either playing the Web version or by connecting your mobile account to your Facebook account. They are added automatically, regardless whether you are on the same server and regardless of League Level. In case you and your Facebook friend are on the same server, you are able to support each other. If you aren’t, you are still able to arrange friendly matches and help each other by sending gifts.

Top Eleven friends are friends you’ve made playing Top Eleven. Being friends with them in-game doesn’t mean you are friends on Facebook (although you can always send them a request if you’d like to). However, you can only have Top Eleven friends on your server, which means that you are always able to support each others’ matches or arrange friendlies.

In case you wish to stop being friends with someone, if they are only a Top Eleven friend, you can remove them easily from the bottom bar. However, if you are Facebook friends, the only way to remove a person is to remove them from your Facebook friends.

Of course, as basic Internet safety dictates, always be careful who you get in touch with. Make sure you play Top Eleven with people you can trust and, most of all, enjoy playing the game with.

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