Yesterday, we held an event on Twitter where our Game Designers answered questions you sent in for an hour. While we didn’t have enough time to answer them all, we did our best to answer the most common ones. The questions are in bold, while the answers from our devs are in italic.

@scottkasper2012 will yours ever reduce the tokens to buy a scout

We’re planning on offering a larger variety of scout players at a wider variety of prices

@PhilipsKoroy Why can’t we stop an auction when someone had bid with an equal or higher prize than the player’s value? It’s better…

On auctions it is up to users to decide the value of the player being traded.

@STELIOSPATERAKI why I am loosing from very worst teams than me?

There are other factors besides team quality that are accounted for during a match.

@Allen_Bravo We should be able to buy players from friends…

This is unlocked at level 4. For now, due to technical limitations you can only buy from friends on your server.

@iLyaz_91 how to reset my game?

We hope to release this feature in the near future. Glad to see there’s interest!

@AugustinMartin how 2 get extra token? If can, can you give us extra token for loyalty or free jersey and logo as yr appreciation

Loyalty can earn you extra tokens if you sign the appropriate sponsor and log in every day.

@BCG_Loick Will there be one or several new competitions?

We’re open to this possibility in the future.

@AlbarAlqirom what is negotiation? And how to negotiate? And buy by what?

Check out the guide at

@blacx_outsider i’m from indonesia,why me always get match on 4.10pm,that time to sleep

We are developing a fix for this problem.

@Juan_Montiel_ strategically is better an offensive attitude or a ver offensive attitude for equaled matchs?

There is no optimal strategy, it depends on your players, your opponent, and many other factors.

@Turan_yldrm Why do not you watching the matches custom sounds?

Many people play at work and we don’t want to get them into trouble : )

@charcyb A good idea for you. Loan players in or out to keep them mach fit and play games. and why lose stars at end of season

Thanks for the suggestion. Here’s the explanation for stars:

@SteveBucktrout when a player gets inj in a game takes a long time to get a repl on as the game continues – can be improved?

There needs to be a break in the game for a substitution to occur.

@bognorblade How many round of bidding are there after the origional bid window closes on transfers

As long as participants are bidding, the auction continues.

@peteryeungwt Will there a option for user to stop receiving friendly invite?

We’re working on improving friendly invites.

@MohamedOsNosair can you change my game sarver and put me with my friends because it’s boring without supporting them :-/

This is unfortunately not possible at the moment.

@Audryhendrawan Why, if we want high level players in the auction difficult victory?

Everyone wants good players so the competition is fierce at high levels.

@AlexiadisAlex How we can or will be improve players with personal training for drippling, positioning,passing, etc

It’s not currently possible, but thanks for the suggestion.

@Pranksta42 Are you planning on doing an app for Windows Phone? I would really appreciate it if you would.

Not planned at this moment.

@uurkorkmazzz some can easily proceed to final in the cup, whilesome can’t; just because they play against far too stronger teams, that’s unfair!

Upcoming changes will make Cups more fair.

@Career_DE could you please describe what different aspects are taken for injuries? sometimes you get 3-4 injuries in 2 games…

Here’s some advice on that … . But sometimes it just comes down to bad luck.

@bakitorunoglu Is it possible to have a scheduled training for players?

This is not currently planned.

@TheNicklodeon do you need to buy tokens to get better

No, you can be a very good manager without ever buying tokens.

@DhiyaSharqawi how many skill points do we need to make the quality increase

Assigning 5 skill points gives 1 more quality.

@Carmineki Why don’t insert more phrases for describe not only the action but also the grass, the a very telecronist!

This feature is planned.

@Lowyat_Slyder Why offers only being unlock during level 4? Why we need to use token to buy players on auction but not money only?

Tokens represent managerial influence, which is needed to convince a player to join.

@Agungsatriamade sometimes the schedule very embarrassing, only different 15 minutes.. so we cant arrange formation to 2nd match.. why?

We are working already on fixing this.

@RosscNicholson any update on the bug with the ee network?

We’re working really hard on resolving this ASAP.

@HaziqRahimIII Give the tokens every match if the team get victory !!!. just my opinion . can you make it that’s to be real?

There’s a sponsorship deal very similar to this already available.

@valentinpndl How important(in percent) is special ability on a player? Comparing 2 players same quality?For penalty takers in special

The special ability is very powerful but it will only activate in very particular situations.

@_batty Could you make a league or cup of friends that can be created by ourselves? It would be amazing!

We are seriously considering adding something like that.

@iJM21 Why not giving like 100 tokens to first place in the league and double it for CHL and 3x for Cup it’s called reward!

There already is a sponsor that rewards winning in the league. Cash rewards for winning competitions are quite substantial.

@DaveAnderson82 why do i need 2 use tokens for u21 player that have camr threw the youth systems?? i should be able 2 sign them for free!

The money invested in youth centers only increases the speed at which new young players are available. The tokens represent the managerial influence required to keep the players interested after they have completed their training.

@gamerxownz Will it be possible to watch our matches live, but not only text only but like when you watch a game on tv.

There could be a nice surprise coming in the next couple of months : )

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