Fans are additional player to each team.
Having that in mind, we are glad to present you the latest innovations related to how fans can affect your team performances in Live Matches.

Take a look at „Supporters“ tab in your next live match and pay attention to these three aspects:
– Managers
– Supportes
– Crowd
How each of these affects the performance of your team?

Managers: You gain 8% of ball possesion for your team by watching your match live. But, the guest manager can also join the match and cancel this advantage of ball possesion.

Crowd: This is the part where only home team can gain some extra possession percentage. The only condition for this is to have 60% full stadium.
Here is the list of attendance-ball possession ratio:

  • 1% for 60%
  • 2% for 70%
  • 3% for 80%
  • 4% for 90%
  • 5% ball possession gained for the 100% full stadium.

Supporters: The most exciting part of the new feature. You can invite your friends to watch and to support you in live match which brings you extra 2% of ball possession for your team per each friend. At the same time the opposite manager can also invite his friends to support him.

Here is an example how this new feature works:

  1. Home manager watches the match           → +8%
  2. Attendance is 80% of stadium capacity     → +3%
  3. 3 friends support home team                      → 6%
  4. Guest manager watches the match           → -8%
  5. 2 friends support guest team                      → -4%

Home team gained 17% of ball possesion for his team in total and guest gained 12% which means that 5% of extra ball possesion will be added to the host team.

Important note: Combining all these factors: managers, crowd and supportes, the maximum ball possesion which you can add to you team is 15%.

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